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Opti-fish, brings you the superbly practical Screwcumber, Offering a totally different approach to weighing and holding down Vegetables in your aquarium.

A product proving popular with aquarists around the world for the simple reason; it works, not only because it will far outlast suckers and clips but it also provides a genuine alternative to lead which will often bruise cucumber etc resulting in early degradation plus the Screwcumber can easily be found in the gravel and used again and again.

Screwcumber holding down cucumber

From the home hobbyist to the seasoned enthusiast, this essential piece of kit provides a lead free and simpler solution to weighing down a variety of vegetables and fruits in your aquarium such as Cucumber, Courgette, Zucchini, Lettuce, Apple etc... etc... Virtually anything you wish to try!!

Will hold down a 25 - 75mm (1" - 3") section of Cucumber, Courgette, Zucchini or similar vegetable.

Rest assured this item is not plated or coated with anything, it is made entirely from the very finest quality Marine grade Stainless steel.

Ancistrus on carrot with screwcumber

Also popular with keepers of apple snails, to provide a source of calcium rich vegetables......or alternatively when unwanted snails enter your aquarium with new plant stock it can be used effectively with Cucumber as a chemical free snail trap to attract those unwanted snails providing easy removal from your tank

Very quick, effective and simple to use. Extremely rigid and durable, will not go out of shape, break or wear out, excellent value when compared to other devices on the market. The choice of experts and pro's of the aquarium world. Made in the UK.

Screwcumber is Made in The UK
Fish nibbling cucumber with Screwcumber
Snail on Cucumber
Otocinclus on carrot weighed with Screwcumber
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Sturisoma on cucumber with Screwcumber
Ancistrus on cucumber with neons


Screwcumber Twin Pack: £7.29

Screwcumbers are totally aquarium safe - not plated or coated with anything, the Screwcumber is made entirely from very high quality Marine grade Stainless steel.

A must for anybody who feeds solid vegetables to their fish.


Twinpack of Screwcumber

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Screwcumbers carry a 2 year warranty
The Screwcumber carries a 2 year replacement warranty


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Delivery to the rest of the world from £3.20

Screwcumber Reviews

Julian Dignall

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

What's great for the newbie catfish fan?

A Screwcumber that's what! Like all great ideas, they're cunningly simple, it's just a twisted piece of rounded metal that you can screw into vegetables and place in your fishtank. Feeding veggies to many aquarium fishes greatly improves their vitality through additional nutrition.

Experienced plec keepers (and breeders) have been doing this for years with items such as cucumber, courgette, melon, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, Kale and loads of other non-citrus produce, boosting the nutrition available to their fishes.

The problem with all this good stuff going into the aquarium is two-fold. First it floats and second it can be difficult to handle in terms of removal or break up into smaller pieces. The Fishkeeping hardcore might prefer the old rubber band tied to a rock (generally great but not good at keeping it all together and the bands perish quickly. Some Plecs also chew the band, expediting its demise). Get a pair of Screwcumbers!

Conrad von Metzke

California, USA

A very ingenious device, and most useful – three of them are already being “consumer-tested” and the vote so far is: Plecos yes, Botias yes, Corydoras – well, my Corys tend to be a bit thick-headed and haven’t actually found it yet, but they will. So - Two hours into the trial period and I’m very happy. (I’ve even tried one with spinach leaves, and if you get a large leaf, fold it in about four, and screw it on very gently, and at least a couple of turns so it won’t just slip back off the end, it seems to work so far at least as well as anything else. Certainly better than weighting them with rocks, as I have been doing.)

Chris Ralph

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Here Chris Ralph (Catfish expert and part time lecturer at Sparsholt college) tells PFK's readers about the screwcumber in practical fishkeeping magazines "First sight" a section of the magazine dedicated to the review of new aquarium products.

PFK MAgazine cover Dec 2005spacer image I was recently sent a number of Screwcumbers for review. How many times does the average fish keeper look around for odd pieces of plant weight to use when feeding foods such as cucumber, lettuce and courgette? One of the problems when using plant weights is that they soon disappear within the aquarium substrate, which is not the case when using a Screwcumber.

The Screwcumber is made from stainless steel and is in the form of a helix, which allows you to literally twist the Screwcumber into the chosen food item, which also means that the food being used is not damaged by being bruised such as would be the case when using plant weights etc.

I have found that the Screwcumber makes positioning vegetable foods in the aquarium much easier as it is heavier than a plant weight and will drop where you want it, which also means that you can observe your fish feeding more readily.

My overall verdict is that this is an essential piece of equipment for all aquarists to use especially when offering veggie type foods. A simple yet brilliant and versatile product that will certainly form part of my feeding equipment from now on.

For further information about the Screwcumber please contact Opti-fish or ask your local retailer to order them for you.


Kathy Irvine


Quick note to say thank you my screwcumbers arrived yesterday, very pleased with your prompt delivery 4 days.....fantastic.They are the best veggie holders I have ever seen, beats the fork & spoon method, thanks.



I bought two sets of these from you a month or so ago. Just got my big tank set up and have 3 different varieties of plecs. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. The cucumber disappeared in no time in the big tank. the smaller tanks are kept busy with the cuke. The weight kept them firmly right in front where I could watch the diners.

Screwcumber FAQ'S

Is this item Stainless Steel?

The screwcumber is made of very high quality Marine grade Stainless steel manufactured to British Standard Specifications. It's quality (and expense) is way above anything that is usually found around the home.

Is the Screwcumber made only to be used with cucumber?

The Screwcumber is designed so it can be used with a wide variety of vegetables, if the Screwcumber can be threaded through, it will weigh it down!! It can also be used as a very effective chemical free snail trap.

I use lead why use this?

The screwcumber is made of very high quality Marine grade Stainless steel manufactured to British Standard Specifications. It's quality (and expense) is way above anything that is usually found around the home.

What advantage does the Screwcumber have over veggie clips with suckers?

The Screwcumber will last for years and years, suckers tend to last only a couple of months or so before they lose suction due to the degeneration of material used for the suckers. We have purposely designed this product with needs of the aquarist being our biggest priority, resulting in excellent long term value for money!

I usually just push gravel into my veggies

The Screwcumber with it's corkscrew action minimizes the amount of bruising that happens when weighing vegetables down - thus helping to reduce early degradation and subsequent filtration problems.

Will it weigh down cucumber ok

Yes! the Screwcumber will hold down a 1- 3" section of Cucumber. Please take a look at our home page picture. for your convenience two Screwcumbers are included in every pack.

How long can I leave Cucumber in my tank?

Aquarists have their own personal preferences, but generally if the cucumber is fresh we recommend removal within 6 hrs and no longer than 12 hrs.

Are the ends blunt or sharp?

The ends are chamfered to protect hands and fish, but will easily screw into Cucumber, Courgette etc....

Does the Screwcumber have a Warranty?

Yes, we are so confident in the quality of the Screwcumber we provide a 2 year replacement warranty.


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